Today’s Values

The world is forever changing, the values and lifestyle of fifty years ago are no longer with us, you ask what values is he talking about?.

I remember as a small boy walking with my Dad and brothers, we had caps on our head and when a Hurst and it’s procession came by we world stand still, caps off, held to the chest until it went by. It was simply showing respect for the recently departed. Was it overdone, maybe but that’s how it was then.

Fifty years ago a child had respect for his teachers, policemen, leaders in the community, other peoples property. We believed that you went to work and not live off the state as a career choice..

Fifty years ago the policeman  walked on the beat unarmed in most counties, he was both feared and respected by children.

Fifty years ago our doctor would visit us on a biscyle we were when sick.

Fifty years ago our church vicar would visit us a few times a year on foot!

Fifty years ago you knew your neighbours

Fifty years ago you gladly pledged loyalty to your head of state

Fifty years ago a teacher could cane you for bad behavior and you respected them for it.

Fifty years ago you heard little about corruption, fraud and drugs

Fifty years ago their was fewer wars and fewer terrorist.

Are today’s value better?