SEO is a lifestyle

Author Mike Smith

I first created my for towards the end of 2011; started working on the layout and changed things several times, including the theme. By March 2012 I was too busy planning an extended overseas trip of the Middle East and Europe to do much more and after six months of travelling, including experiencing the wettest time in the UK for decades, we returned to New Zealand.


Now it was time to get serious about encouraging people to look at my site and see what I’m all about. But how to promote the site. The competition runs into many millions and there are a thousand things to learn. So where to start?

I thought twitter would be a good beginning so I worked hard and built a following that runs into thousands. But really I’ve had little value from it when I consider the many hours of work it’s taken. However, when you do the research the general advice is to spread yourself across the social media networks and article submission sites, which I did, but still felt that they were not advancing me very far and that’s after spending hundreds of hours promoting my sites through those medias.

Since returning home I’ve settled down to continuing the social media promotion but with a better understanding and no longer committing endless hours to it. Instead, my focus has changed to increasing my back links and adding more and more quality content to my sites.

Now we get to the crux of the title, ‘SEO as a Lifestyle.’

You maywonder what’s lifestyle about SEO’s? Well, as I’ve worked at it I have realised it takes a LOT of work – you really have to put your all into it. Not just one day or week or a week a month but to continue week in, week out. Hence, it really does become part of your lifestyle.

The Circle Bath England

The backlinks I try to concentrate on are those with a worldwide ranking of under 500,000. In other words, the world’s top sites like twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn,, and many others in that ranking area. Fortunately, all these sites have things in common with

Some of these links have taken me many hours to obtain and that includes time searching for where you can put a link in the first place and the time you spend making comments. I believe in giving good quality meaningful comments. It’s definitely worth the effort as a moderator will soon trash your comment if he or she thinks you are just after a link  and giving no value input in return. So remember to give good worthwhile comments, it helps everybody.

When I first began backlinking I thought that buying them would be the answer – let’s make it quick, I thought! Well after Google’s updates, knocking the poor quality sites using these types of links, I’m glad I chose not to go down that track.

Instead, I decided to focus on getting as close as possible to well-ranked sites. Okay, sure I’m still miles away and it may take me another six months to a year before I’m below that half million level but I’m on my way. Today as I write this post I have just over 59,000 to go before I come under a million. Now that might not sound very good to the top boys in the SEO industry but when I started in late September 2012  my site ranked at over 25million. So I consider  dropping 24million off my score in barely two months not bad going.

As a result of focusing on the one site, my other sites  and also relate well to, and feed off, the ranking. Both sites had a ranking of over 25 million and now both are within 2-3 million and improving by the day.

Make a comment if you want to know how I went about it and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Mike Smith