Writing for lifestyle blogs

Why did I want to start another WordPress blog?

I thought I had enough blogs going – each one takes up a considerable amount of time, so why pursue another? Crazy as it seems I do enjoy writing once I get started. But it’s getting started that the problem, so many other things to do and some of those I put on the back burner, especially when I’m doing back-links, which are very time consuming.
As I’ve mentioned before, when I’m after a back-link and leave a comment that gets me that link, I’m really putting my all into it. I honestly do believe In adding value in a comment box and if I can’t do that, I move on. But there are only so many hours in a day and you have to give priority to your plan.

Todays task was to publish an article promoting three books on lifestyle subjects and I’m happy to say I achieved it. I’ll give you a glance at them – you never know, you might want to buy one or two or you might be kind enough to do a review or two.

The information that these books contain are the work of many hours and the experience of many years. I really hope that they will benefit the readers and that they will want to subscribe to my newsletters at http://creatinglifestyle.com
Here are the three e book covers:


All three are  available only from Amazon. I think there is something for most folk there

1. How to Find A Hobby and Make Money  

I saw a need. Here we are in a recession with many people out of work and time on their hands. What if I  can convince one person to take up a hobby that can turn into an income opportunity for him or her? Now that would be a massive reward – make it all worthwhile.

2. How to Write something interesting

Love that title; it’s kind of catchy. Here Amelie Rose is giving tips and ideas to readers on writing all sorts of things without getting too technical, so if you want to improve your writing skills, check this one out.

3. How to Succeed on a Shoestring

The title is saying you don’t have to have a fortune or lots of money to get started. That kind of thinking is all wrong. Many a great company started with very little; it’s a case of one small step at a time.
This e-booklet is sure to give you ideas on how to start creating the lifestyle you would like. It might not be to develop a business, it might be to obtain higher education, or be an achiever in sport or politics. Whatever you want, it need not cost you lots of dollars; it can simply be an idea that you nurture day in day out until you are ready to take that idea and run with it.