Unfair World

Is life getting better on planet earth?

Before the new millennium I used to think that as time wore its way onwards the world would become a better one with knowledge increasing at an exponential rate. I thought that man would advance alongside this rapid knowledge growth and evolve, year by year, into a more and more civilised race.
I also thought that the United Nations would help bring peace to our world and that people would start to ask why they hated Jews and Christians so much.
I thought that people would cease their destructive behaviour and, in my naievity, I even thought they would surely start helping and loving their neighbours. I honestly believed that with such knowledge increase, terrorists would soon see that hatred is the most likely way to hell – forget heaven and 140 virgins per terrorist; they would have already seen to it that there wouldn’t be enough of them to go around anyway.

I was certain that, once past the millenium, the world would look about, see they were still here, and embrace peace on earth. Maybe even, I thought, we would want to help starving children in third world countries and most certainly, Governments of the Western World at least, would mandate for the moral standards that we had been trashing so consistently and effectively, to be hauled back into place and into law. I believed also that we would see just punishment for crimes against society and that riots, looting, and murder would diminish as a result.

I thought all these things and I was wrong!

Man will never learn from the past. He is basically a greedy animal. He cares little that the UN has become a  worthless organisation,  increasingly under the influence of Arab countries and, through them, Islamic extremists and terrorists. Already their influence is spreading. The UN, on December 18, 2012, adopted nine anti-Israel Resolutions and none against the known and detestable terrorist organisation, Hamas.
Recently Russia and China were able to force the rest of the world to simply stand to the side and look on as thousands were murdered in Syria and the UN was powerless to do anything but emit impotent squeaks of protest.

More and more we are seeing people killing their own countrymen and this includes women and children. The war against terrorism and drugs is a losing battle as powerful  government officials, high-powered business, and corrupt lawyers and police, hinder any progress for a secure society living in peace.

Governments of the Western World are actually contributing to the deterioration of our societies. Riots in our cities are a direct and frightening result of government getting it wrong. The trouble is, we don’t really care. If it’s not affecting us directly we really don’t give a toss if a third of the world is starving and the other two thirds have more than enough to share around and stop the cycle of poverty, but don’t. So long as wars are everywhere else we are okay, the rest can rot. Of course, we make the appropriate noises when something really terrible occurs, like the young woman in New Delhi, raped by six male beasts and left on the street to die (which she eventually did). But we are apathetic and we move on – we are numb to the turmoil in our world because there is so much of it.

Are you uncaring as to the fate of the unfortunate in our towns, cities, and indeed the world? Do you turn your face the other way? Block your ears to the wailings of hurt? Do you actually care?

In Denmark, officials are warning Jews against displaying any Jewish insignia in public places. Hatred is growing against the local Jews, who are Danish themselves. In Northern Ireland, protestants and catholics are still at it, still against each other. The fact they are all as Irish as each other doesn’t seem to matter. In Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria they are blowing each other up.

Yes, I was right. We have advanced in technology, medicine, food production,  farming, but we are not intelligent enough to have learned from the past. Man is still no more civilised than he was 100, 50, and even 20 years ago. And the status quo doesn’t look like changing.