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beezeebooks.jpgsmall.jpg50A few months ago I started to get this idea about promoting some of my wife’s romance books, as well as some of my own ‘How to’ books, it wasn’t long before some other author friends saw the benefits and asked me to place their books on  . Knowing how difficult and time consuming it is to get a site up and running, I took to social media like my life depended on it. The results have been quite encouraging – we went from 25mil on at the end of February to the present time in mid May at 189,000. The best part is, during my time on social media I’ve had a steady run of requests to place books and promote them for authors. Mainly Indie authors (author self publishing).

Fifty Female and Fabulous

Fifty Female and Fabulous

Another idea that came to mind with beezeebooks is “making the list.” You have all heard that the money is in the list, right? Well, not so in this case. My aim is to create something unique for the authors who subscribe to beezeebooks (sorry, what goes on with this member site is confidential to subscribed members only). While I can’t tell you how it operates I can say that I believe a collective group of Indie authors, keen to promote their work, will be a powerful force indeed and it won’t cost them a cent.

Here are some of the links to those authors using beezeebook pages.


Above are a few different book types. The next one is where authors come to see what beezeebooks has to offer. Short video on this promotional page.

If you are an Indie author, check out the site and visit our facebook page . Love you to leave a comment.

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