The Tide is Changing- Muslin Extremist

Across the world Muslin extremists are creating havoc and destruction, killing wantonly, all in the name of  religion. The question is, just what kind of religion is it that has its followers spreading such evil?

By their actions they are followers of the dark side. They are killing for the joy of killing. Why else would they kill innocent children, rape and kill girls and women, shoot  men, young and old, in the back of the head? Are those the actions of brave warriors? No they are cowardly terrorists who have found a way to live the life they want, an evil one.

Millions of Muslims worldwide have chosen to live peacefully in Western democracies. Most have come to seek better lives for them and their families. Unfortunately the days ahead look bleak for these people and they will be drawn into the conflict whether they like it or not. In the West, resentment of Muslim terrorists threatening our way of life is already creating an atmosphere of fear, distrust and hate towards  Muslims, including those who only want to live peacefully.

The West will never fully understand the Eastern Muslim culture and the Muslims will never fully accept Western culture yet the Muslims are infiltrating and demanding their culture be allowed wherever they go in the world. Yet let  westerners try building their churches in any of the Middle East countries except Israel – it will never be allowed.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has a free democracy yet the West is turning against them. President Obama appears to be favoring better understanding with Iran than with Israel, up until now America has been Israel’s  friend and ally. But
again and again we hear of American churches and universities calling to boycott Israels products followed by Britain and the EU countries. Clearly these people do not have an understanding of what is happening but regardless of what they think, Israel has the right to protect itself against those who want to wipe it off the map.

According to the media, many western countries have become anti-Israeli and the list is growing. The Jews know they are not liked but as it is written about the Jews over 4000 years ago in Deuteronomy 14-2: For you are a holy people to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Perhaps there is jealousy that God chose the Jews as his chosen ones.
The Holy Bible makes it clear that if you are against the Jews, against Israel, than you are against God – end of story!

If you are a non-believer perhaps this won’t matter, to you it may be all a load of rubbish that you are willing to live and die believing, but for those like myself who truly believe that salvation comes from the Jews, the warnings in the bible are as true today as they were when written over four thousand years ago.
Jesus declared: “Salvation is from the Jews” (John 4:22)
Another promise worth knowing can be found in Genesis 12-3:  I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
If you are a believer then turn and be friends with Israel and with Jews all over the world. Time is running out. Israel needs your support.