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Here is something about the personal side of me.

Unlike my main blog, http://creatinglifestyle.com is more about personal development, tips and advice, creating the lifestyle you want.
My main work is developing http://beezeebooks.com a book promotional site helping indie authors to market their books.

So who am I ?

I call myself a traveler. By that I mean a traveler of life as well as traveling the globe.

I have always loved to travel and am fortunate to have visited many countries around the world.
I think I am a fair-minded individual and tend to keep an open mind on most subjects, believing in the `two-sides to every argument,’ mantra.

Is there a right answer to anything? Possibly but who’s to say who is right and who is wrong? In many cases it boils down to a matter of opinion.
In a debate the more convincing argument is generally down to whoever has the better speaking ability.

We have seen many examples of politicians putting forth a fantastic argument that few can dispute only to discover later on we had been convinced more by the orator’s passion and seeming handle on the facts than the actual truth.

Most people have strong opinions on certain issues. I certainly do and some of them go against the current trend of thinking. Millions may disagree with me but my own opinions are my right, as goes for every other thinking person in the world.

From my own set of beliefs, I am anti-abortion, anti-war, and pro-Israel .


I believe in a free society and free enterprise. I do not believe in war – I think it shows that we are not as civilised as we like to think we are.


We all have our views on this subject. Health issues aside, where some women are forced to have an abortion to avoid serious illness, or even worse, my main opposition is the use of abortion as a convenient contraceptive. Take, for instance, New Zealand. This small country permits between 15-18,000 abortions each year.

There are countless women who cannot have children of their own and would love to adopt. New Zealand has a small population by world standards yet we kill off generations of children before they are given a chance at life.

My view is simple; I don’t have the right to kill another human being. Nor does anyone else.


Today there is a strong (worldwide) belief that the end times are nearing and that Israel is at the centre of what is to happen. The Bible is clear on this – that nations rising against Israel will be destroyed. It also says, `No one knows the time or the day, only God the Father.’
We don’t know when these things will happen. It may be hundreds of years away, or it could happen sometime in the next twenty years. But Jesus says clearly in the New Testament that whatever we hear about the date of the end times, take no notice it will be a lie. And this is a book that has survived intact in its teachings for more than 2000 years. And no, I am not on a religious bandwagon but I know what rings true and what doesn’t.

Imagine if you can, a world without war. Imagine what could be achieved with the vast resources that are spent on annihilating our so called enemies.

What was that sixties saying? `Make love, not war.’ It has a truckload of merit. Think of the suffering caused by the many wars that are constantly being waged around the world. Third worlds would heal, suffering would end, education and health systems would improve. Sure, it’s a dream. But what if?


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